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Sri Jayawardhanapura University of Sri Lanka. After schooling he joined the Public Service and after years of service retired as an Administrative Officer. Unlike many other astrologers, he is not dependent solely on the traditional knowledge of the East and West but conducts research so that new areas in astrology could be found.

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From onwards, he has been teaching astrology. Those who learnt astrology from him exceed 9, up to now. And some of them are practicing astrologers in Sri Lanka and abroad. Kalutantri is engaged in research in astrology even at present.

Some of his findings in research have been included in the books he has published and traits of your spouse based on the planetary positions of your horoscope. He can forecast the character he can also forecast a girl's future based on the day, time and place she attained puberty. Created by Master Codes.

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Premadasa Kaluthanthiri. These books include the following: Features of a Woman's Body Nari Deha Lakshana Book explains the character of a woman based on the features of her body and its organs.

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The Planets that delay your Marriage Vivahaya Pramada Karana Grahayo This book explains with examples the planetary positions in your horoscope as well as those prevailing at present that delay your marriage. Problems in Marriage hidden from Compatibility Analysis Porondamen Anavaranaya Novana Vivaha Getalu This book explains how a husband a wife should live in peace in spite of disparities in their character and their mindset.

Planetary positions which bring about dissentions in married lives Pawul Awul Karana Graha Balaya This book explains, with examples, how planetary positions could help to solve the problems encountered in married life. Employment and Business Affairs. More Services. Casting Horoscopes of Children. In the past it was invariably written on an ola-leaf, known as a puskola, but nowadays ordinary paper is often used.

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It is a work of art in itself, an arcane combination of symbols, signs, writing and linear design. Parents seek advice from an astrologer regarding certain steps on their children's long path to adulthood - for example, when about seven months old, the auspicious time for indul kata ganava the initial feeding of solids has to be determined. Similarly, a consultation must be made to ascertain when a child should start to learn the alphabet athpoth thiyanava. So it is with the first haircut, the first ear-boring, and much else besides.

The most critical task an astrologer has to perform with regard to children is at the time arranged matrimony is considered. According to Sri Lankan culture a man and woman become partners in life, because they were destined to do so by the influence of the Buddhist concept of karma, or actions in their previous lives. But if they don't a marriage is deemed likely to fail. If the prospective partners' horoscopes do match, the two families are likely to approve a marriage, and an astrologer will determine the auspicious times for the entire marriage ceremony.

This includes the time to exchange the wedding ring and the time to enter and leave the wedding location. The use of astrology extends to the plans and actions of older members of the family. If a house is built, the architect will only lay the foundation, the owners will only move in, and a house-warming will only be held at auspicious times decided upon by an astrologer.

Other examples include the commencement of a new business or employment, and even the digging of a well. At times of crisis - illness for instance, unemployment, family discord, or a couple's inability to bear children - an astrologer is always consulted. Remedies will be recommended, most of a ritualistic nature such as the bodhi pooja, in which offerings are made at the bo-tree in a Buddhist temple, and dane, the offering of food to animals, particularly crows and dogs. In April, Sri Lanka's New Year, or Aluth Avurudda, is a demanding time for the astrologer, for most individuals naturally want to discover what fate has in store for them during the next 12 months.

There are several astrological predictions connected with the festival, such as the auspicious time for lighting the hearth, eating the first meal, bathing, and commencing work. A peculiarity is that New Year does not begin at midnight on the designated day because the precise timings are decided upon astrologically. Thus, New Year commences not when the old one ends, but some hours later.

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The interval is called nona gathe, or "neutral period", when all but religious activity ceases. There is another astrological concept whereby each day has a different inauspicious time, rahu kala, during which it is believed that any actions undertaken have no value. A horoscope, kendare, written on an ola-leaf known as puskola.

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A horoscope, written on ordinary paper, detailing the postion of planets. Archive Sitemap www. July Sri Lanka is synonymous with Theravada Buddhism and the landscape is dotted with numerous Buddhist temples Seaside cities do not always have the luxury of a quality beach and pleasing associated resort within their suburbs, but Colombo is fortunate in having Mount Lavinia It is certainly not for the faint-hearted or the aged, unless fit and energetic.